June 10, 2021 – ATLANTA, GA- Ajc.com writes that a driver was killed in a crash this week in Atlanta. The incident occurred when a driver in an SUV reportedly made a U-turn and began to head against the flow of traffic on the Downtown Connector. The vehicle was identified as a Mercedes-Benz SUV.*

The Mercedes collided with another vehicle in the middle of the night and led to the closure of the southbound lanes for about four hours. The road was reopened in the early morning. The wrong-way SUV struck a Hyundai Sonata that was traveling just north of University Avenue. The person in the sedan died at the scene. The individual operating the Mercedes was identified as a man in the 20s. Reports indicate that the man is in critical condition and broke both of his legs in the collision. He was transported to the Grady Memorial Hospital for treatment. The crash is the second wrong-way collision to occur on the Downtown Connector in the span of just one week. In the other crash, which also took place close to University Avenue, both drivers died from their injuries.

Wrong-way driving happens when a motorist is traveling against the flow of traffic. When a driver makes this type of error on a divided road such as a freeway, the consequences are extremely severe because the vehicles are traveling at high rates of speed. Crashes resulting from wrong-way drivers often lead to head-on impacts at high speeds, which in turn carry a significant risk of death.

Drivers may travel the wrong way on the road because of poor markings, a lack of driver attention, or driver impairment.

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