According to an article published on, Ohio State Highway Patrol Lieutenant Geoffrey Freeman provides some helpful tips on what drivers should do when faced with a wrong-way driver.  Wrong-way accidents happen suddenly.  However, there are two important countermeasures that can help protect you and your passengers when confronted with a wrong-way driver. 

According to Lt. Geoffrey Freeman, if a wrong-way driver is driving toward you, drive defensively by slowing down and attempt to move out of the way.  These incidents occur quickly, and there won’t be much time to react.  If possible, make every attempt to get out of the path of the oncoming vehicle.  You can also honk or flash your lights to get their attention. If you witness a wrong way driver, always call 911 as soon as possible and report the wrong-way driver. 

So far, the Ohio Department of Transportation has reported 40 wrong-way accidents this year, and we are only halfway through 2021. 

Statistically, wrong-way collisions are 40 times more fatal than any other type of motor vehicle collision.  They are significantly more deadly because the vehicles hit each other head-on ,often at interstate speeds. 

There are preventative measures being taken to warn and deter wrong-way drivers. According to News Center 7, the Ohio Department of Transportation has several types of sign requirements for on and off-ramps to reduce the number of wrong-way drivers on its highways.  The state also uses traffic cameras with radar systems at ramp locations in Columbus and Cleveland and along I-71 from downtown Cincinnati throughout Warren County.  The system has an alarm system that alerts ODOT’s traffic center in Columbus.  The system provides live video of the wrong-way driver so the traffic center can lead highway patrol troopers to the driver’s location.  

However, Ohio has over five thousand on and off-ramps making it financially improbable to place the technology throughout the entire state.  Nevertheless, the state is identifying areas most prone to wrong-way drivers to reduce the risk of wrong-way crashes. 

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